Attendance & Absence

At Our Lady of Victories, we place great importance on regular school attendance and we are proud of our high attendance record. An Attendance Cup is given out weekly to the class with the highest attendance and certificates are awarded to individual children who achieve 100% attendance.

Absences for reasons other than illness will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and authorisation must be requested from the Headteacher in advance.  We also ask that parents make medical and dental appointments outside of school hours where possible.

If a child cannot attend school due to illness, parents must telephone  the school on the first day of absence to inform us and then should send a note on the child's return to school for our records.  All absences are recorded and every absence, no matter how short, must be covered by a written explanation from a parent or guardian to the class teacher.

Regular attendance at school is essential for good progress and learning.  Please ensure your child arrives on time for the start of each school day.  Children who are persistently late or who have poor attendance are likely to fall behind with their work.

Both the government and the local authority are committed to raising levels of attendance in all schools and there is an expectation that children will achieve an attendance level of at least 96% (OLV's standard of attendance sits around 97-98% and we strive to maintain this).  At Our Lady of Victories we work closely with the Educational Welfare Officer to promote good attendance and to monitor the attendance of all pupils very closely.

 Please click on the link for a copy of our Attendance Policy